Medical, Dental, and Optometry Mission in Calamba Laguna

Filipinos are known for practicing different traits and values. One well-known and well-appreciated trait of Filipinos to help those who are in need. This trait is manifested through countless programs and missions whose primary goal is to provide help and assistance to communities, families, and individuals who are in need whatever the situation may be.

Just this Saturday, September 30, 2017, the Dalaw Kalinga Foundation in partnership with DWIZ and Voltracom conducted a medical mission at MCA, Criscor Homes, PNR Site, Brgy. 1, Calamba, Laguna.

Doctors and volunteers from Dalaw Kalinga Foundation, DWIZ and Voltracom provided free medical, dental, and optical assistance to 187 beneficiaries. The entire venue was overflowing with people from morning until late in the afternoon. Each room provided was designated for different stations wherein doctors and assistants are assigned while volunteers of various ages ushered the beneficiaries to and from the stations.

Aside from the medical, dental, and optical assistance, free ECG, reflexology and counseling are also provided as well as free medicine for both children and adults. While waiting, beneficiaries are treated to various movies for enjoyment.

There was a downpour in the afternoon but the rain didn’t stop the event, rather, it only fueled everyone to continue giving service. For the doctors and volunteers of Dalaw Kalinga Foundation, DWIZ, and Voltracom, the most important mission is to help and that’s what they vowed to continue doing.22140774_1979903388702933_305847275032236532_n

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